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Increase Productivity - Increase Retention - Increase Morale

Reduce Healthcare Costs - Reduce Turnover - Reduce Absenteeism

In a world where healthcare costs are consuming a larger proportion of corporate profits, financially prudent organizations are recognizing that workplace wellness programs are no longer a “nice extra,” but rather a strategic imperative.

According to a 2010 publication by the Harvard Business Review, companies that offer workplace wellness programs can achieve financial returns up to six times their cost of investment in wellness programs. Companies that invest wisely in their employees' physical, mental, and social health can experience dramatic declines in absenteeism, workers' compensation insurance premiums, and employee turnover.

Creating a culture of vibrant health in the workplace requires persuasive leadership and passionate persistence to inspire and facilitate an environment of self-motivated and socially supported commitment to healthy lifestyles. Revolution Corporate Wellness is committed to partnering with your organization to optimize employee health and productivity through the foundations of nutrition and fitness.


Our Mission

Revolution Corporate Wellness is dedicated to facilitating meaningful change through education; creating environments in which individuals experience their maximum vitality through the revolutionary power of proper nutrition and appropriate physical activity as a foundation for optimal health and wellbeing.


Our Philosophy & Beliefs

Simply stated, we are what we eat and what we do. At Revolution Corporate Wellness, we believe that thriving and vibrant organizations are composed of thriving and vibrant individuals. Each person has the capacity to improve their own health and vitality through sustainable lifestyle changes and a balanced diet of properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods. We teach about "bio-individuality" in that each person is unique and there is no "one-size-fits-all" diet or fitness plan.


We maintain that preventable nutritional imbalances and deficiencies associated with the prevailing American diet are the primary underlying cause of most chronic health problems plaguing modern society. We believe that as people gain knowledge and experience of how the foods they eat and what they do affect how they feel, they naturally become motivated to adopt sustainable dietary and lifestyle habits that promote optimal health.


Our Approach

The Revolution Corporate Wellness approach to nutrition and fitness is educational, engaging, and grounded in evidence-based science. It's doable and it's fun. Rather than fostering feelings of guilt, negativity, and deprivation in relation to eating and exercising, we emphasize attitudes of joy, plenty, discovery, nourishment, and nurturing. Approaching nutrition and fitness education from a positive and empowering perspective, we enable corporations and their employees to achieve financial and individual health and vitality.

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