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Courses & Seminars

Revolution Corporate Wellness specializes in lively, interactive, and customized nutrition and fitness education services. We present classes and seminars on topics ranging from the foundational principles of nutrition and introductory fitness, to nutritional approaches for managing specific chronic diseases and health conditions.

Our programs are customized to address the needs and interests of each organization.

Examples of Workshop Topics:

  • Nutrition 101: The Foundations

  • Food as Fuel: From Fitness to Fighting Fatigue

  • Some Sugar on your Sugar?: Sugar's secret hiding spots and how to cut it out.

  • Fats: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Debate

  • Blood Sugar: Addiction to Diabetes

  • The Craving Crisis: What you're craving versus what your body really needs

  • Jetlag Lunch: Clean Eating On-The-Go

  • Metabolism: Full Body Reboot in 14 Days

  • Fitness Nutrition: Pre-, Active, and Post-

  • Hormonal Havoc to Harmony

  • You Are What You... Digest and Absorb

  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities

  • Protocols for Inflammation and Chronic Pain

  • Youthful Aging: Loving Life Longer

  • Detox Protocols: Who, When and How

  • ...and more! We create custom programs.



Consulting & Resources

Revolution Corporate Wellness is unique among workplace wellness service providers. Our consulting services are entirely customizable to suit each individual organization. We work with all industries, including governmental organizations, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, health insurance and/or benefit providers, as well as other organizations with health and wellness initiatives.

We provide expertise and services in:

  • newsletter creation, customized for your organization;

  • wellness program and/or curriculum development with organization-specific plans to increase employee satisfaction and overall health;

  • wellness committee formation, leadership, and participation;

  • representation at company events;

  • health fairs and wellness activities;

  • individual biometric, nutrition, and health screenings;

  • other areas of corporate wellness consulting suited to each company's unique needs.

On-site Nutrition


One-on-One Sessions

Our on-site individual nutrition counseling services are provided by certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs). Nutritional Therapy is the utilization of science-based nutrition recommendations specific to bio-individual need for the promotion of optimal health. NTPs emphasize the importance of a diet centered on nutrient-dense, whole foods and prioritization of supporting the five foundations of nutrition (digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration).  An NTP focuses on the interactions between living organisms and what they eat, including the biological processes used in consuming, digesting, absorbing, and utilizing nutrients contained in food. Consideration of the interaction between organ systems, while pinpointing potential deficiencies and/or dysregulation is the NTP core principle.

Individual nutrition counseling includes: 

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

  • Comprehensive dietary and lifestyle evaluation

  • Biometric screening

  • Individualized nutrition and supplementation protocol

  • Fitness program design

  • Accountability and motivation

  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing (as needed)

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